Insurance Leads

AiMedia One is a leading provider of exclusive leads for Medicare, underage-health and auto insurance. Stop wasting your money on shared internet leads, and start making money with AiMedia One. We provide exclusive leads and live transfers of people throughout the United States that want to talk to you. We will filter your leads based on demographic and geographical criteria to ensure you get the prospects you want.

AiMedia One generates the leads you want and sells them to you — and only you. Our leads are truly exclusive without the hidden “legs” so many internet leads have. Our experienced agents qualify prospects according to your criteria, so you know you’re getting the prospects you want. Our goal is to deliver you qualified prospects with real interest.

With AiMedia One you can get your leads however you want them. You can receive your leads by email, direct post to your CRM or lead-management system, or live transfer. We can accommodate most special requirements too.

AiMedia One maintains state-of-the-art call centers in the Philippines, the United States and Canada. We run avatar and live-agents campaigns, as well as inbound and outbound campaigns. We call into the location you specify to deliver precisely the prospects you want at the lowest prices in the industry. Rather than just sell you a few leads, we hope to build your business with you.