Increase Enrollments and Save

Higher Education is more competitive than ever, and AiMedia One provides the expertise you need to compete. Our multiple-contact approach helps generate high-intent enrollees that are serious about furthering their education. AiMedia One

  • Uses web-based marketing efforts to initiate admission efforts
  • Follows up on prospective students with outbound campaigns
  • Provides clear and complete information on students throughout the process
  • Handles student inquiries

AiMedia One enhances your institution’s admissions efforts without increasing your administrative overhead. We boost enrollment throughout the year, giving your institution a steady stream of prospective students. This way, your institution can manage growth effectively without the need for additional staff.

Inquiry Handling

Throughout the enrollment process, AiMedia One handles student inquiries using a variety of methods. These include inbound, outbound and chat services. Using these, we can

  • Lower inquiry costs
  • Improve conversion
  • Increase enrollment
  • Improve productivity


Initiating Applications

AiMedia One can generate applications to your institution on both inbound and outbound bases. By conveying your institution’s particular value to prospective students, we can begin the application process.

Processing Applications

AiMedia One can help shepherd students through the application process once begun. Out agents can collect all relevant documents to help ensure an enrollment. This is done on both inbound and outbound bases.

Processing Enrollment

AiMedia One can help process enrollees. Our agents verify documents and financial aid, schedule orientations and other necessary tasks to ensure enrollment.


AiMedia One provides web-based support for prospective students.


AiMedia One advisors guide students through the application process. We give them the right information at the right time, so they always know what they should be doing.