Call Center

At Aimedia One, we care about what we do. Our business is not strictly outsourcing. No, our business is your business. We remain dedicated to executing your business processes with the same diligence and concern of in-house staff — and at half the cost.

AiMedia One maintains cutting-edge call centers in the United States, Canada and the Philippines. Each center uses the latest in dialer, AVR and voice-logging technology. Our agents are well trained and highly motivated to exceed your expectations on inbound, outbound and administrative processes.

Outbound Services

Appointment Setting

AiMedia One provides appointment setting anywhere in the United States. Appointments are made on both an in-office and in-field basis. Appointment setters can also ensure your special event is well attended.

Cross Selling

AiMedia One provides cross-selling services in most industries. If you have an existing client list and other products and services to sell, AiMedia One can help.

Market Research

AiMedia One conducts market research to assist your business efforts. Projects often asses market trends, customer patterns, competitor strategy and growth potential.

Lead Generation

AiMedia One provides real-time leads and live transfers. Although AiMedia One specializes in the insurance industry (especially Medicare, underage health and auto insurance), other verticals are available.


Answering Service

AiMedia One can ensure you never miss a call. Our expert agents make sure every call routed to the right place and all messages are diligently recorded and conveyed.

Customer Service

With good customer service, you can keep the clients you already have. Our customer-service agents help you keep your clientele coming back to do business.

Direct Marketing

With AiMedia One, your inbound sales programs are in good hands. Our agents are experienced in handling calls originating from television, radio, internet, print and more.

Tech Support

AiMedia One provides generalized and specialized tech support. Our agents can help both with general computer support and support specific to your product or service.

Email and Chat Support

In addition to phone support, our agents can handle issues through an in-house ticketing system, so your clients initiate support with their preferred method.



AiMedia One can turn your audio and video files into written transcripts. Our agents use the latest in the transcription technology.

Order Taking

Let AiMedia One help you with order fulfillment. From logging orders to delivery, AiMedia makes sure your orders get where they’re going.


AiMedia One provides a host of agented and automated billing solutions. Let us handle your billing, so in-house staff can concentrate on your business.

Web Marketing

AiMedia One can help with your web marketing. Services include email, social-media, blogging and webinar marketing services.